We've been Burgled!

My friend Jan left my house laughing. I had delighted her. She was sent in to retrieve a piece of equipment we had left behind and ship it to us at a show. Our house was tossed, tumbled, destroyed!messy-house

She immediately called us as we drove south to the show, to tell us how much she enjoyed plowing her way through the our getting-ready-for-the-show house mess. She felt so much better about her housekeeping once she'd seen the mine.

My inner Oscar smiled at her amusement. I do what I can to make my friends happy. My hubby's inner Felix, sighed. After a long marriage he's given up trying to keep order in every day of our lives. Sometimes, more often then not, mess happens.

As Jan & I hung up, I observed...."Well at least if the burglars break in they will take nothing....they'll figure someone else got there before them." Felix/Dave, smiled, rolled his eyes, and drove on. :roll: