Channeling Sally Fields...reallyReallyreally.

I don't squeal. I don't repeat myself. I carry myself with dignity and grace at all times.

So what was I doing squealing in a microphone at a city mayor and show director in front of hundreds of people. "ME? You really liked my work? Really?" The show director looked decidely puzzled at this remark and I plopped my mouth shut as I realized what I was saying. I tried again,"Thank you so much, I really appreciate this, I'm just surprised." and with that I staggered back to my seat to the amused faces of my fellow artists and the husband.

I had won much to my astonishment "Best of Jewelry" in the La Quinta Art Show last year. Its not that I don't think my work is la-qunita-awardgood, GREAT! and deserving of an award, but fabricated jewelers who don't use a lot of gems, rarely win these awards. Or so I tell myself when I don't win. Plus I don't really like Best of....prizes as deep down I don't feel art should be competitive. And I have too much admiration for my fellow jewelers to think I am the "Best of them" for any given time or show. But the little girl in me loved winning.....really-a-lots.

I received a chance to be more eloquent again this year when I won 2nd place in jewelry at Scottsdale Art Show, 2009. Oh, I do like winning. But again, I look at my very talented fellow jewelers and wonder, me?

The public seems to like to see the ribbons in one's booth. Kids usually spot the ribbons first and nudge their parents into noticing. They congratulate them & I duck my head with proper humility and say "Thanks." But the kindergartener in me is doing the Snoopy Dance and squealing.