Man Jewelry.....

What do guys like, want, wish for in jewelry?

I currently have a friend, P, who is bugging me for Man Jewelry. I'd love to accommodate him and the other men who have stared wistfully in my case and asked...."Do you have anything for men?" No.....I don't, but I should.

What is it guys want in jewelry? Cuff links, quirky lapel pins, bracelets, pendents, single earrings, manly rings?

P is now pondering this question. He hasn't answered me yet. But for all the other men who feel left out of the jewelry game, the question is now yours too. What would you like to see me make for men? Write me, let me know. The first Manly piece I make will be named for the Man who gives me the best answer.

Carla cmf-head-avatar