I'm a little Tea Pot, short & stout....

When visitors come to our home the first few times, they seem to feel obligated to bring bags of groceries. Its not that they think we won't feed them, but the concern is that because we live  far from civilization, provisions must be brought, lest we all miss out on favorite foods. While Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are a mere 40 minutes from our home, I don't dissuade this bringing-of-food. I like to see (and eat) this manna from my friends and am always intrigued by what each guest feels is necessary.

Our last guest went even further. He brought his favorite kitchen utensils as he is the dweller of a small-kitchened condo, and he wanted to stretch out and cook dinner in our large kitchen with a view. I fully encouraged this turn of events. If he wanted to cook, I would happily vacate the area for him to play.

While Brad oriented himself to his weekend bedroom I rummaged through his food bags to see what delights awaited us. I came across a little red aluminum pot that sprouted antlers. Intrigued, I set it out and studied it.

What that?

I was instantly in love. Whatever it did, I had to have one. While I put away the groceries, Brad demonstrated his little machine and made me an incredible cup of espresso. This little machine works like a percolator, once the water is hot enough it bubbles up through the coffee, into its antlers, and streams espresso into cups. It was the best I had tasted. So not only was it cute, but its simple, Italian, and made the tastiest espresso our house has seen. I now NEEDED one.

Within 15 minutes I had googled it, found one, and ordered it. Filled with espresso from Brad's machine I spent the weekend bouncing off walls. Mine came a few days later. And it is in daily use as I make my morning lattes. Now I need a new song + new lyrics to go with my new Italian Bialetti stove top espresso maker.

Rudy-Our new Bialetti stovetop espresso maker