Whew! A new decade.

Look what happened while I was gone. A new decade has rolled over. I for one am happy to see this. The old decade was a hard one.

There can be only 2 reasons for such a long lag between posts on a blog. The writer has been to busy to post, or the writer has had nothing to post about. Fortunately I claim the former. October seems months ago...actually it WAS months ago. I could plead the rush of the holidays but that seems too easy.

My energies have been scattered as I've been working on multiple projects. My jewelry, commissions, Art in the High Desert, taking a class in Illustrator, making inventory for a gallery,  of course all the end of year celebrations, and my favorite-cross country skiing.

xc skiing_12_09
xc skiing_12_09

What's up next? In February, I will be at a wonderful new show in Bellevue, Washington: IndulgeSarah the dot, will be there too with her wonderful metal and felt jewelry. I've been working on some "man" jewelry in the form of cufflinks. I will be posting these on the site soon.

Here's to a brand new clean decade.