It looks so phallic!

I know! That is why I had to buy it at a flea market. I was totally amused by the shape of this hammer. It was even more fun to carry it around as my Sis and I continued to cruise the flea market.

phallic hammer
phallic hammer

I think it is a riveting hammer of a by-gone profession. I really don’t know for what or how it was used. Any ideas? I don’t use it but it is part of my hammer collection.

One of the many reasons I love being a metalsmith is the opportunity to buy and learn to use new tools. We’ll be exploring my studio to see some of my favorites and how I use them. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

The Poofer

The Smasher

You can never have enough.


Open Wide…

You cut it all by hand?

Well, almost all of it.

Fire, my lovelies.

What I can’t live without.


BTW this is my riveting hammer, a bit different in shape and size, but a similar function.

riveting & phallic hammer
riveting & phallic hammer