A NEW website & more!

Welcome to my NEW! website, shop, and blog! Despite the lag in the blog’s timeline I’ve been busy; making my work, being director of Art in the High Desert, and carving out time for living my regular life. And of course, there is no time for any of it! Ha!

You will recognize my previous work but I’ve added a new twist to it. I’m now working with wood as well as metal. I’m using mostly Ebony & Holly the wood (who knew?) to create new forms and add another dimension to my work.

Let me know what you think about it.

The Shop is also new. Gone is the portfolio of old=not available work, and here is The Store full of order-now-and-it-ships-tomorrow work. I will be adding new work as I make it, so the store will always have my newest pieces.

And, yes, I’m still doing shows, a limited number. (See carving out time for a life above.) I will keep you up-to-date of my next show in the handy side-bar on my site.

Finally, do LIKE me on Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/CarlaMFox/   I post short blurbs there on a variety of subjects, mostly hand-crafted jewelry.

Visit often, see what’s new in The Shop! And if you see any boo-boos in the website let me know. I’ve proofed it till I’m cross-eyed and will appreciate other eyes on it.


On the run