Where have I been?!

Here in Central Oregon, head down, tail up, working working working. You'd think I could get to the computer to type a few words but I always want to "craft" the words on this blog, add photos, etc. so I make it more time-consuming then I should and nothing gets done.

But to catch up since December!

January 2011: Relaxing thinking all my life was up-to-date, could let go for a while. Working on jewelry commissions, life was good, cold-snowy, but good. I was in control. Silly me.

February 2011: Damn me. Art in the High Desert was in Jury Mode had a pile of work to do to organize that.

March 2011: Jury results were released. Lots to organize that, work with accepted artists, write 86! detailed jury feedbacks for artists who requested them. So much work, but so important to do. I also etched 10 sheets of expensive! sterling silver to hold me thru the summer.

April 2011: Hummm, show season is coming, still working on jury feedback, have commissions I'm trying to get done, but summer is still far far far away.

May 2011: Damn Dave! He pointed out that Belleville, Illinois---a great show is just around the corner. Panic mode....Art int he High Desert still needs my time, the studio needs my time, wasn't I going to cross country ski more?

I made it through May, went to Belleville's Art on the Square 2011, had a wonderful show. Followed that with a trip to Indianapolis for an art/show directors' conference. And now am home.

May's photo for you is Dave & I and our trusty mini van hiding from a tornado in Seibert,Colorado. Can ya see us?